MindEdge's Writing Center and Collaborative Meeting Space

The MindEdge Writing Center is a multi-part writing assistance resource for both learners and instructors. The Writing Center offers robust diagnostic tools, adaptive learning, and practice spaces that aid students in developing the weaker areas in their writing before they meet with a tutor or faculty member. This approach not only builds the student's skills and confidence but also makes more efficient their time with the tutor or faculty member.

The MindEdge Writing Center empowers and enables learners by providing a guided learning path as follows:

Learning Path. Step 1: Diagnostic self-assessment that generates a student-specific report on the weaker areas in their writing. Step 2: Just-in-time instructional material broken down by topic, allowing learners to focus on their known weakness. Step 3: The MindEdge Writing Pad, a virtual metting center where students can receive assistance from a tutor or faculty member