MindEdge's Technical Communications Learning Resource

Technical Communications introduces learners to the types of writing and presentations valued by employers and necessary for success in the workplace. The course provides guidance for writing as a process, with several interactive and optional assignments leading up to the submission of an assignment with each module.

In addition to practicing writing in various formats common at work, students will gain an understanding of the ethics and politics involved in workplace communication, and they'll practice writing for different audiences.

Technical Communications reviews effective writing and speaking styles, and it supports opportunities for peer review and shared writing for those learners who are taking the course synchronously.

This course includes full access to the MindEdge Writing Pad to support real-time student writing and coaching sessions.

There are ten modules in the course:

  1. Solving Problems through Communication
  2. Planning your Message and Thinking Critically
  3. Ethics and Professionalism
  4. Qualities of Effective Technical Writing
  5. Emails, Memos, and Letters
  6. Collaboration
  7. Reports
  8. Document Design and Visuals
  9. Presentations
  10. The Job Search
Appendix A: Parts of speech and usage