MindEdge's Strategies for Student Success Learning Resource

Being a successful student involves more than getting a perfect score on a test. It entails self-reflection, the motivation to learn, the careful application of tools and strategies to specific tasks, critical thinking skills, and mental and emotional strength in the face of challenges. This course will provide tips and strategies to help students achieve success in their educational endeavors. It covers such topics as how to gain confidence, set goals, manage your time, think and read critically, take notes, manage stress, and handle test anxiety.

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Define academic confidence
  • Compare and contrast the growth mindset and the fixed mindset
  • Consider the importance of goal setting
  • Identify and build "SMART" goals
  • Explore time management strategies
  • Use an activity log as a time management tool
  • Define critical thinking and explain its benefits for students
  • Assess the trustworthiness of digital content
  • Evaluate a website for reliability
  • Distinguish between active reading and literal reading
  • Analyze an article using active reading strategies
  • Explain and apply the KWL approach to reading
  • Explore active listening and note taking strategies
  • Consider tips for managing stress
  • Define test-taking anxiety and identify tips for dealing with it
  • Consider how study habits affect learning