MindEdge's Project Management Learning Resource

MindEdge's Project Management learning resource explains the key principles, concepts, and terminology students need to fully understand and implement best practices for effective project management.

This 12-module course describes the five stages of productive project management and presents specific strategies for administering and regulating project tasks, activities, and processes. Games, videos, and other interactive elements ensure student engagement and reinforce important course information and concepts. Case studies and analytical problems guarantee that learners can successfully apply given instructions as they progress through the course and prepare for final course assessments.

Seventeen adaptive learning assignments help students overcome learning challenges, master critical skills, and demonstrate proficiency in project management. Diagnostic questions within these 17 assignments are administered through a sophisticated software application, to assist in the examination and appraisal of student mastery. Graphics, games, interactive components, and video instruction then provide additional guidance, to enhance learner understanding and to foster a greater understanding of concepts and principles.

This modular course can be seamlessly integrated into all learning management systems, and can be combined with webtexts, ebooks, and optional trade paperbacks to meet instructional needs, requirements, and specifications.

The learning resource contains a diagnostic pre-assessment in each module, 24 post-module assessments, optional preparation material for the Project Management Institute's PMP® certification exam, and a comprehensive final assessment to verify student mastery and comprehension of course material:

  1. Project Management Overview
  2. The Role of the Project Manager
  3. The Initiating Stage
  4. The Planning Stage
  5. Project Scope and Time Management
  6. Project Cost, Quality, and Procurement Management
  7. The Executing Stage
  8. Project Human Resource, Communications, and Stakeholder Management
  9. The Monitoring and Controlling Stage
  10. Project Risk Management
  11. The Closing Stage
  12. Alternative Approaches to Project Management