Online Certified Modern Banking Representative Certificate

Price of suite: $499.00
Estimated length: 18 hours
Access Time: 365 days

Certificate Description

As a modern certification in today's business world, the Certified Modern Banking Representative (CMBR) covers updated material that allows new, entry-level employees to develop in their careers and equips them to take on modern banking challenges with knowledge, confidence, and skill. This is an entry-level certification for banking representatives that applies to a broad group of job seekers. Certification can offer a clear pathway to employment in the banking industry.

Upon successful completion of all courses in this certificate program, you can download and print a Certificate of Completion.

Courses included in this certificate program are listed at the bottom of this page.

Key Features

  • Expert-supported
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Accessible
  • Badge and credit-awarding
  • Games & Flashcards
  • Video content
  • Real-world case studies
  • Audio-enabled in app

Refund Policy

You may request a refund up to 5 days from the purchase date. The registration fee will only be refunded if less than 10% of each course in the certificate has been completed. Completion percentage can be viewed on the Course Progress page from within the course.


All courses in this certificate have an "Ask the Expert" feature, which submits your questions directly to an expert in the field you are studying. Questions are answered as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours.

This course does not require any additional purchases of supplementary materials.

Learners must achieve an average test score of at least 70% to meet the minimum successful completion requirement and qualify to receive IACET CEUs. Learners will have three attempts at all graded assessments.

Courses included in this suite

Price of course: $200.00
Estimated length: 4 hours
Access Time: 90 days
.4 CEUs
Estimated length: 2 hours
Access Time: 90 days
Price of course:

Not available for individual sale

Estimated length: 2 hours
Access Time: 90 days
.2 CEUs
Price of course: $100.00
Estimated length: 4 hours
Access Time: 90 days
0.4 CEUs
Price of course: $100.00
Estimated length: 6 hours
Access Time: 90 days
0.6 CEUs