Open Badges

By earning a badge, you are creating a portable and verifiable record of skills you've mastered. A badge in a certain skill or topic can be displayed online or on your resume, increasing the visibility of your skills. Open Badges is a particular badge-awarding organization that MindEdge collaborates with to issue you badges for completing MindEdge courses.

While you may be able to display your badges across the web, a backpack service allows you to store and move your badges from different platforms.

When you earn an official Open Badge, the badge you're downloading and adding to your backpack has embedded information in it such as details about MindEdge, requirements for earning the badge, your name, and the date of issuance. All of this information means that a potential employer or partner can trust that a badge you've earned means you've mastered that skill.

How do I earn a MindEdge Badge?

To earn a MindEdge Badge, you must read all course materials, complete all course activities, and score 70% or higher on required course assessments (if applicable).

How do I get my Certificate Badge?

After successfully completing all courses in a particular suite with a score of 70% or higher on all required tests, log in to your account, and click "My Course Record" in the left side menu. Then, scroll down to the Suites and Bundles section of the page, and click the "badge" link for the certificate program you have completed. Finally, follow the instructions to add the certificate badge to your Mozilla Backpack.

How can I share Open Badges?

To share your Open Badges as an update on social media, navigate to your Mozilla Backpack, and add one or more badges to a badge collection. Then, click on the Share button on the badge collection tile. On the next page, click the "Share this on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn" link in the upper left corner of the page.

To add your Open Badges to your LinkedIn profile, select a badge collection, and copy and paste the page's URL into a section of your LinkedIn profile.

How can I learn more about Open Badges?

For more information about earning, issuing, and displaying Open Badges, visit the following Mozilla web page:

If you're ready to start your backpack or want to learn more about how Open Badges works, please click Learn More below.