MindEdge's Principles of Management Learning Resource

MindEdge's Principles of Management learning resource provides an introduction to the fundamentals of management and how managers can be effective in organizational settings. Based on D. Quinn Mills' book, Principles of Management, this course addresses managing in the modern organization.

This modular course can be tailored to your school with webtexts, ebooks, and optional trade paperbacks available. It seamlessly integrates into all learning management systems.

Video, games, and other interactive elements motivate students to progress while applying fundamental management concepts. It engages students through a series of hands-on mini-cases involving a fictional sportswear company that help instructors assess students' mastery of the content.

This learning resource contains a diagnostic pre-assessment, a comprehensive final assessment, as well as eight modules:

  1. Introduction to Management
  2. The Responsible Manager
  3. Organizations and Human Resources
  4. Operational Aspects of Management
  5. Planning and Controlling
  6. Making Decisions
  7. Leadership
  8. Contemporary Issues