MindEdge Adds Courses in Procurement and Supply Management, Logistics and Distribution Management

July 30, 2018

MindEdge has added two courses focusing on best practices in procurement and supply management, and in logistics and distribution management.

These self-paced courses include games, exercises, quizzes, and video segments from experts offering real-world advice. Brief case studies focus on tackling difficult operational challenges. They are available on MindEdge.com and through selected training partners and institutions of higher education.

Procurement and Supply Management

This course explains the evolution from the transactional purchasing or procurement function into the strategic process of supply management. It introduces key concepts and ideas that can be used to successfully source and manage suppliers and to deal with issues that may arise across the supply chain.

The course explores supply management basics; describes strategic, ethical, and sustainable sourcing; and discusses supply chain leadership and integration. Course participants will explore supply management from several viewpoints; align sourcing, communication, and management strategies; and incorporate ethical and sustainable practices into the supply chain. Trends and changes to the profession due to the Internet and emerging technologies are also discussed.

Logistics and Distribution Management

The fundamental concepts and ideas of logistics and distribution management are reviewed in this course. It delves into the various logistics information management systems, analyzes their financial aspects and technological influences, and explains how to manage and measure their performance.

The course explains logistics management, inventory management, and warehousing and distribution. Participants will review and distinguish between inbound logistics, outbound logistics, reverse logistics, and third-party logistics; explore the tools and techniques for tracking and valuing inventory, including ABC analysis; and learn the functions of packaging and methods for transporting goods through simple and complex distribution channels.

Successful completion of either of these courses earns learners a MindEdge badge. This symbol of achievement, aligned with Mozilla Open Badges, can be stored in a learner's Mozilla Backpack for sharing across career sites, social networks, and personal portfolios. More information on Open Badges can be found at http://openbadges.org.

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