MindEdge Launches Business Ethics for the 21st Century Course

October 31, 2011

MindEdge will offer its Business Ethics for the 21st Century course on MindEdge Online and through its training partners beginning in November.

This online, self-paced, four-module course provides a comprehensive introduction to business ethics, the consideration of questions of moral right versus wrong in the context of business practice.

The course allows corporations and other organizations to expose their staff to critically-important training. Individual businesspeople are increasingly being held responsible and accountable for their ethical behavior. Organizations have learned that the cost of unethical actions can be high, both legally and from the perspective of brand image and reputation.

Topics covered in MindEdge's Business Ethics for the 21st Century course include the major ethical frameworks used in developing business ethics, and the three key components of the Ethical Triangle (individual ethics, leadership ethics, and governance and control). The course also covers common ethical challenges in the workplace; organizational ethics codes; ethical issues involved in the employer-employee relationship; monitoring ethical performance in an organization; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ethics; corporate governance; sustainability as an ethical concern; and ethics and the regulatory environment.

The course reviews best practices for business ethics, includes video commentary from experts in workplace ethics, and engages learners through numerous case studies where they are asked to apply their learning.

About MindEdge

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For more information about MindEdge's Business Ethics for the 21st Century course, contact Mark Sullivan, senior director of strategic alliances, at (781) 250-1805 ext 223 or via email at: msullivan@mindedge.com.