MindEdge Releases White Paper on Online Learning Accessibility

MindEdge has released "Keeping Online Learning Accessible," a white paper offering tips for improving course design and usability for disabled learners. It can be accessed at the MindEdge Learning Workshop by clicking here.

The white paper reviews five tips for improved accessibility:

  1. Focus on true accessibility for learners rather than on complying with government standards.
  2. Make accessibility an ongoing part of the course development process.
  3. Test from the perspective of the learner.
  4. Translate complex interactive exercises in figurative ways that convey the learning experience.
  5. Provide learners with an online accessibility guide.

"Keeping Online Learning Accessible" concludes by noting: "Achieving accessibility can expand markets for your courses while demonstrating your commitment to the principles of universal access and learner-centered learning."

About MindEdge

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