MindEdge's Ethics Learning Resource

MindEdge's Ethics learning resource provides an introduction to the fundamentals of ethics (the study of the moral values and conduct of an individual, group, or culture.) It reviews the major ethical frameworks/ethical theories and explores what they can tell us about human nature/behavior.

This modular course can be tailored to your school with webtexts, ebooks, and optional trade paperbacks available. It seamlessly integrates into all learning management systems. Video, games, and other interactive elements help motivate students.

This learning resource contains a comprehensive final assessment, as well as ten modules of focused content:

  1. Introduction to Ethics
  2. Early Ethical Systems and Religious Ethics
  3. Virtue Ethics
  4. Natural Law and Natural Rights
  5. Consequentialism and Utilitarian Ethics
  6. Duty-Driven Ethics
  7. Egoism
  8. Ethical Relativism
  9. Contemporary Ethics
  10. Ethics in Practice