MindEdge's Introduction to American Government Learning Resource

MindEdge's Introduction to American Government learning resource helps college and university students gain a solid foundation in the theory and practice of American government by utilizing games, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes, and other engaging content.

This modular course can be tailored to your school with webtexts, ebooks, and optional trade paperbacks available. It seamlessly integrates into all learning management systems.

MindEdge's Introduction to American Government content helps students:

  • Understand the historical framework for America's constitutional democracy
  • Recognize the different roles of the three branches of government
  • Appreciate the role of the courts in protecting civil rights and civil liberties
  • Trace the evolving role of political parties in the American system
  • Consider the growing influence of the mass media on government decision-making
  • Explore how public opinion affects both politics and policy-making
  • Contrast the historical role of the federal government with those of the individual states

Introduction to American Government explains the historical and philosophical forces that created the American system of government and shows how the Founders' 18th-century theories have evolved into 21st-century practice. This learning resource employs narrative scenarios and interactive exercises, and it gives students the opportunity to interpret current events through the prism of history while developing reasoned thinking and writing skills.

There are eight modules in this learning resource:

  1. The Roots of the American System
  2. Congress: Legislation and Oversight
  3. The Presidency: Leadership and Administration
  4. The Judiciary: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
  5. Political Parties and Interest Groups
  6. The Bureaucracy and the Media
  7. Political Socialization and Public Opinion
  8. The States: Federalism and States' Rights